Nothing can beat India’s fascination with Gods. We have the kindness to blindly turn anyone we love into an object of reverence and worship. There have been many individuals in our history, though, who were not worthy of the high place given to them. Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, known and worshipped by Indian public as the great “Mother Teresa” is one of them. Famously regarded as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, she was a black dot on the word and definition of “Saint”. On the contrary, she was the biggest sinner India has nothing to be thankful for.


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Born in Skopje, she went to Ireland with the resolution to become a missionary. Missionary by definition means a person sent to foreign countries to promote a particular religion. In this case, it was Christianity. From Ireland, she came to India in 1929. She started her novitiate, or should we say evil practices from Darjeeling. She succeeded in fabricating a pure and saintly image for herself that naïve people of India readily believed. We Indians value good hearts and we mistakenly took hers to be one. Many, many people failed to see the underlying motive in the services of Teresa, which was always to be true to what she was. A missionary. She helped people only with the motive of forcibly making them see the “grace of Christ” and convert their religion to Christianity.

When her individual efforts started to seem promising to her, she got permission from the Vatican to constitute a congregation, which was known as “Missionaries of Charity”. Every step she took, blinded Indian public to see what she wanted them to see. These missionaries of charity were nothing but a group of people sent by Vatican to convert people into their religion.

Actually, Teresa was aware and well-versed with the concept of “Striking the iron while it is hot”. When a person is poor, unhealthy, homeless, naked or in any kind of need, it’s obvious that he will even worship the Devil for basic necessities. That is the point Teresa and her group of bandits exploited rigorously. Under the impression of charity, they were doing something completely immoral. They were not serving the people because they were concerned in any way about them, but they had an ulterior motive to strike them when weak and convert them in the lure of food, shelter, clothes or just about any help.


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In 1952, she opened a “Home for the dying” to catch targets at their most vulnerable. She exploited the fake and mirage concept of “heaven” and converted people from other religion to Christianity. She was a manipulator. Her motive of promotion of Christianity over the health of the people was clear when her home for the dying became a part of a controversy for very poor living conditions. Many people were still too blind to see behind the white veneer she wore. Not many people were able to see behind the mask of “service” she wore to promote Christianity.

In 1955, she opened “Nirmala Shishu Bhawan”, what she called The Children’s Home Of the Immaculate Heart. She and her group took in growing numbers of lost children, but of course, not for the purpose of their wellbeing. It’s obvious; a child who is lost is vulnerable, which means they are mentally weak and unstable to take any decision. Simply, they were a great target for religion conversion and Teresa knew it. She was collecting an increasing number of children so that she can brainwash them into forsaking their own religion and embrace Christianity. The poor children were made to believe that only their lord and savior, Jesus Christ can help them and bring light to their dark lives. This was another example of the extent she was prepared to go for perpetuating Christianity, even in those who were not even mature enough to take a decision related to faith.


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But of course, people failed to see that and only acknowledged what a selfless saint she was. If anything, she was a selfish Christian, who came to our country to plague it with her ulterior motives. India was just a target for the Vatican and Teresa was just the perfect tool for their mission. As a result of public’s acknowledgement, Missionaries of Charity started to attract more recruits and huge donations. She managed to take her congregation on an international level, meaning much other weaker and vulnerable people around the world were targeted by these die-hard Christians and the motive always remained the same, i.e., conversion.

Even the words that she spoke in her defence are ironic, “No matter who says what, you should accept with a smile and do your own work”. What other choice did Teresa have? The silence was the best politics she could employ in her conversion mission and she did that. She thought nobody will ever come to know about her game that goes on behind those closed doors of the homes she built, targeting unfortunate victims. But now the truth is out in the open.


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Be it an Earthquake in Armenia, or radiation in Chernobyl, or hunger in Ethiopia, Teresa was everywhere. All she needed was a hive of defenceless, mentally weak and needy people. She started her so-called “noble” work by the promise to help them in exchange of their very faith. She used charity, help, and support as leverage to endorse her religion by hook or by crook. The charity that wants something in return is actually just sugar-coated selfishness.

India was of course, unable to see past the soft and pure façade she had created. She was awarded Padma Shree, Jawaharlal Nehru Award and even the Bharat Ratna. In Kolkata, there are Hindu families that worship her like a goddess!


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Aroup Chattergy was out of those select few who dared to doubt Teresa and her Missionaries of so-called Charity. He was a physician born and raised in Calcutta. He recalls seeing no nuns in the slums. He rightly accused Teresa of promoting a “cult of suffering”. He said that she is not only trying to distort the image of Calcutta negatively but also she is exaggerating her work a little too much in front of the world. She even uses misuses the donations and funds at her own will. He criticized the very unhygienic practices by the nuns including needle reuse, which he acknowledges have been changed after Teresa’s death.

Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya was also one of those who could really see what’s going on. He rightly accused Teresa of glorifying the illness instead of treating it. He said that she didn’t have a remarkable impact on the poor. He finally spoke against the picture of the city Teresa was trying to put forth. It was never a city of lepers and beggars like she tried to make it look, although he acknowledges that there was poverty. By Giriraj Kishore, she was also accused of conducting “secret baptism” of the dying! He said that her first service was for the church and social service was incidental.

Mohan Bhagwat, leader of Hindu right wing organization understood her politics and tried to bring it forward by saying that her main motive was the conversion of the person she was serving to, which was also distorted by the media.

Another reason why Teresa is proved to be no more than a fraud is that there were repeated complaints regarding the deteriorating conditions at their several homes, in spite of millions of dollars of donations that they received. Shortage of analgesics for pain, medical care, necessary nutrition and systematic diagnosis were just to name a few. She held the belief that the sick must suffer like Christ suffered on the cross! There have been many who have argued that if that money was utilized for the well-being of the poor and needy, the conditions would have been much better. Advanced palliative care facilities could have been installed with the money they received, having a transformative effect on the life of the sick people. But, treating them was never her motive. Her mission was to target them at their weakest, give them an illusion of power and hope and lure them to convert to Christianity. It started and it stopped at this.

English journalist Christopher Hitchens knew her politics pretty well. He said through an article that Teresa brings us to medieval corruption of the church that serves the rich and teaches hellfire to the poor. He said that she was no friend to the poor, but to poverty. She idolized suffering as a gift from God. She gave her entire life to fight against empowerment and emancipation of woman which was the only cure for poverty. She wanted them to be stuck in the cycle of natural reproduction and that’s why she opposed abortion.

Teresa proved her hypocrite nature when she opted to use advanced treatment for her heart condition while letting patients “under her care” suffer like that. Hitchens even brought forward the fact that she lies to the donators about how the funds will be utilized. She was not a social worker. She did not work to alleviate poverty. She worked to increase the number of Catholics. She accepted this herself by saying that she does it not for people but for Christ and the church.


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She came to India with no goal of helping the poor and sick but with the mission of submitting as many people as she can in the service of “Christ”. We can’t even guess how many people from other religions were converted by this witch in the name of social service, that too at a time when they were not able enough to take a decision. On the top of that, she had no account of where the donation money goes. And what was worse was that she used to let people suffer in the name of religion!

Such was the “saint” that India so adores and worships. She deserves no respect and our country has nothing to thank her for. She was the first very cruel and undeserving person to receive the Nobel peace prize. She was the harbinger of everything but peace. More details about Fake Teresa will follow in part two of “Sinner Teresa”.