This article is written with the view of bringing the lesser known, ugly face of what India regards as kind and good hearted “Mother Teresa”. For the believers, she was an icon of God’s work but in reality she was a fraud and a sinner. She was so doubtful of her own faith and she was a hypocrite. In the book that is the compilation of the letters she wrote to confessors, superiors and friends, her doubt is evident.


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She wrote “Where is my faith? Even deep down, there is nothing but emptiness and darkness. If there be God, please forgive me”, shortly after she started to work in the slums of Calcutta. Even in the letters dating eight years later, her doubts did not subside, in fact they increased. The ultimate proof of her lost faith was her own lines- “What do I labor for?”,”If there be no God, there can be no soul. If there be no soul then, Jesus, You also are not true.” She even stopped praying as she once said. A basic characteristic for a saint is unshakeable belief in one’s faith. How can someone who was so doubtful be regarded as a saint? She proves this herself that she was a fake in her very essence. In spite of her doubts and disbelief in God, she still never stopped in her evil mission of converting the poor and needy people to Christianity.

This was just one aspect of her shady personality. The volunteers who worked with Teresa know her real face. They tell of the authoritarian and violent nature of her missions. There were reports of tying and beating unruly children, no replacements of outdated equipment and reuse of medical needles till they were too blunt that they started to cause pain! Even in countries with high HIV infection rates, like Haiti. The secrecy, control and obedience that was followed by Teresa and her group resembles dramatically to that of a cult.

Even her missionaries were a shadow of what she was. Only 7% of their received donation money was utilized for charity. Everything else was transferred to secret bank accounts! Such was the shady business of the fake sinner, Teresa. They did not even buy food for the poor and hungry from it, they were totally dependent on the donated food. The money they did utilize was just for the purpose of starting new missions, having the same miserable conditions like all missions of the so-called “Mother Teresa”.


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What’s even more surprising is the source of the funds she received. Of course many kind hearted people donated money for what they supposed was a “noble cause”, but she has also taken money from some of the most evil people to ever be born. Reportedly she took money from the renowned Haitian psychopath named “Baby Doc”. As if that was not enough blunder, she even defended his rule of bloodshed in return. Charles Keating, who was known famously for being a fraudster, donated 1.25 Million dollars to Teresa’s missionaries of charity. When she was asked to return the money, all she did was remained silent.

According to a research by Forbes, the first home set up by Teresa had a mortality rate of more than 40 percent! The patients had to share beds with other patients, no matter which highly infectious disease they are suffering with. The homes were primitive and overcrowded. Hygiene was not a concern. She followed her philosophy of essential pain like a madwoman. Teresa’s personality fits true to the old saying- “If the poor have friends like her, they no longer need enemies.”


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The Vatican was trying to establish her image as a saint who can “miraculously” treat ill-patients. The Vatican on 17th December 2015 attributed a miracle in the name of Teresa for treating a Brazilian person with multiple brain tumors. She was even canonized for her “miracle”! Well this falls in sharp contrast of the mortality rates and poor conditions in her multiple homes. All of the stories associated with her being a miraculous saint were nothing but a reward from the Vatican for endorsing their religious and political agenda in not only our country but many others. She was being rewarded with eternal recognition in exchange of the selfish motives of the church. While the world tries to develop technologically, fundamentalists and religious fanatics stick blindly to concepts like miracles.

The case of Monica Besra, a Bengali woman who said that her cancerous tumor was treated by the divine beam of light emerging from Teresa’s portrait is one example of the ridiculous claims of her miracles. Her physician confirmed that she never had a cancerous tumor. The cyst she did have was not cancerous and was treated by no magic but by prescription medicines. The Vatican turned this story around and made Teresa a saintly miracle. Even Besra’s husband stated that it was not a miracle. Her medical records, including sonography reports, prescriptions etc. also bring to light the fact that her treatment was medicinal and not the result of some magical beam. The officials at the hospital Besra was being treated at confirmed that she was pressured by the Catholic order to declare her cure as a miracle by “Saint Teresa”. One of the sisters was even withholding her medical records!

Another story false attributed by Vatican as one of her miracles was of the Brazilian man who was claimed to have been treated of numerous tumors when his priest prayed for Teresa’s “intervention with God”. But of course, there were no scientific proofs of this claim and neither enough evidence.


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The Volunteers at her centers speak of the poor, poor conditions for the sick where even the care was not adequate. The British and some Canadian studies on the facilities of Teresa publish a scathing criticism against her. Not only her management of money was shady but also her political connections were suspicious. Her ways of caring for the sick and the poor was dubious and her extreme views on abortion, divorce and contraception and her religion and its promotion was questionable.

There is no denying that she is one of the cruelest people in the history of this world. She is even comparable to Hitler in her belief of making people suffer who didn’t follow what she believes to be pure. She relished in the pain of the poor. Her treatment cottages were nothing but a place where people went to die a death of slow agony, away from their families. There are reports of patients screaming because of severe wounds being treated without a painkiller or anesthesia. She didn’t believe in giving painkillers to alleviate the pain of the sick because she believed that in pain they will be closer to Christ. She was a cruel, fraudulent personality who deserves no respect.

The people who try to idolize her as so bent on keeping her image intact that they have attributed many quotations in Teresa’s name that are not originally hers. Her so-called charitable works for the slum dwellers in Calcutta are not even well-visible locally. All there have been are huge and false claims like her school for the slum children with 5000 students! This brought her not only international recognition but also large donations.


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The catholic order is the richest in the world, but seems like they’re not very generous and want people to see the charm of poverty! “The suffering of the poor is something very beautiful and the world is being very much helped by the nobility of this example of misery and suffering,” these are the words of Teresa. It’s clear from her words that it was not her motive to alleviate pain and suffering. Then why has Indian public made her into a Goddess? Why is India worshipping a “Hell’s angel” and giving her the name and honor of “Angel of peace”? If anything Teresa was an Angel of death, a woman, more appropriately an eccentric billionaire, who was supporting the politics of the Catholic Church by promoting her religion in India.

Teresa was a fraud madwoman and by now, different studies have proven that. In spite of this, the BJP (Bharitya Janta Party) decided to send a delegation on the death of this sinner on expense of the taxpayer’s money. Prime Minister Modi even said in his monthly radio broadcast that he is proud of Bharat Ratna “Mother Teresa” and he is also proud about the canonization of her. Modi is well aware of the fact that the majority of followers of his party are Hindu and Teresa was an enemy, but still he sung of the greatness of this fake woman. How she lived her life to serve the poor. It is shocking that being the Prime Minister of India, either he is still unaware about her reality or he is deliberately hiding it. Both cases are equally scandalous.


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In spite of sharp criticism and protest from the Vishwa Hindu Parisad and other right wing groups, the BJP denies accepting the fact that Teresa’s canonization will lead to more conversions in India. This cannot just be a positive mindset about the whole thing; it is clear that there is of course some politics associated with this decision. PM’s kindness to Catholics will get BJP great results from Goa where most of the population is Christian. BJP is also interested in expanding to north-eastern states and also Kerala, where there is significant Christian population.

The Naga People’s Front is an ally of BJP as well. Nagaland is also having majority of population of Christians. PM Modi is also gracing events that celebrate the sainthood of different nuns which completely alleviates the chances of any doubt. This is not secularism but a well-planned politics of the BJP. Modi and the BJP have betrayed their core supporters and they have been taken for granted. New supporters in the form of Catholic Christians are in the making. The Modi government has not only done a blunder but a crime on the entire Hindu civilization by first endorsing the fake sinner Teresa and then sending a delegation in her honor!